Armen Aghalyan


Armen Aghalyan (March 20, 1930, Yrevan - 16 November, 2015, Los Angeles), architect, honourable architect of SSRA (1987). Son of the architect Freydun Aghalyan. 

Armen Aghalyan’s architecture is based on two seemingly contradictory principles: the use of unique hand-curved and tradition-inspired ornamentation combined with industrially produced repetitive modular concrete façade elements. His architecture is ornate and represents a very spectacular combination of traditional architectural motifs with the use of modernist industrial architecture elements. Armenians, witty and sharp tongued as they are, nicknamed his buildings ‘bonbonerka’ (chocolate box) referring to the composition of the repetitive modular façades, and even ‘bozi chulki’ (whore’s stocking, vulgar Armenian) having in mind fishnet stockings that were associated with the stereotyped image of prostitutes. 


Institute of Communication

Armen Aghalyan, 1970

NPUA 9th building

Armen Aghalyan, 1980s

Northern bus station

Vardan Avetisyan, Armen Aghalyan, 1986-1988

Arm-transproject Institute

Grigori Grigoryan, Armen Aghalyan, 1970s