High Modernism

High modernism is a period in modernity of unprecedented raise of human intellectual power and scientific-technological achievements that constituted new world-vision and had its aesthetic expression in architecture as well. Reinforced concrete, glass and metal are the main materials of high modernism architecture, which in the case of Armenia, however, are often replaced by local stone, breaking the very modern, technology-based image of the structures. In Soviet architecture. due to the typology and constructive system, public buildings built in the tonality of this direction often have mute side walls, which are decorated with mosaics or bas-reliefs. Monumental art itself becomes not only a part of architecture, but also with its thematic content is often a part of the expression of the ideology of high modernism: the topics of astronautics, science, intellectual and physical work were called to propagate the Soviet scientific, technical and economic achievements. In the case of Armenian architecture, this themes were often replaced by decorative motifs in a modern artistic language influenced by traditional ornamental motifs.


Modern Art Museum, Yerevan

Jim Torosyan, Gevorg Aramyan, 1985

'Univermag', Dilijan

G. Sarkissian, G.Gyulxasyan, R. Esayan

Town Hall, Vagharshapat

F.Vagharshakyan, M.Mikaelyan, 1968-76

3rd Government Building, Yerevan

T. Gevorgyan, V. Housyan, 1980

'VDNKh' Complex, Guests Pavilion, Yerevan

Fenix Darbinyan, R. Manoukyan, 1961

'VDNKh' Complex, 'Progress' Pavilion of Technics, Yerevan

Fenix Darbinyan, Anahit Ayvazyan, 1960

Single-unit 14 storey frame-panel system residential building

Martin Mikaelyan, engineers M.K.Mousoyan, A.G.Karapetyan, 1980-1986

Resort in Arzni with 2500 places

M.Mikaelyan, R.vardanyan, 1968

Resort complex in Arzni with 400 places

M.Mikaelyan, engineer K.S. Ghazaryan, 1966-84

Gyumri Dramatic Theatre

Yu.Safaryan with M.Mikaelyan, S.A.Safaryan, R.H.Baghdasaryan, 1962

Cultural resort-hall with 800 places and a swimming pool

M.Mikaelyan, Z.Simonyan, engineers K.S.Ghazaryan, V.S.Poghosyan, 1969-86

Sports complex

Martin Mikaelyan, A.Miridjanyan, M.Safrastyan, 1974-1986

Palace of culture in Metsamor

Martin Mikaelyan, Fred Afrikyan, 1975

Complex of research-scientific institutes

Varoujan Sahakyan, 1973-1983

Institute of Experimental Biology

Souren Bourkhadjian, 1980s

Institute of Biochemistry

Razmik Alaverdyan, Gourgen Mnatsakanyan, 1962

Research Institute of Cardiology

Jim Torosyan, Levon Eloyan, 1964-1968

Institute of Communication

Armen Aghalyan, 1970

11th clinic

Emil Voskanyan, 1976-1978

Palace of Culture in Sevan

M.Miqaelyan, Z.Simonyan, 1968-1975

Hotel with 121 rooms

M.Mikaelyan, G.Grigoryan, K.Tiratouryan, 1972-1975

Administrative building

M.Mikaelyan, K.Tiratouryan, 1974-1976