About Project

ArmArch is a think-tank and an online platform involved in a research of various theoretical aspects of Armenian architecture. We are interested in studying the global social-cultural background conditioning the morphological development of Armenian architecture throughout centuries. ArmArch is a multidisciplinary research marrying humanities with architectural studies. Semiotics is our beloved tool to apply in these studies.

ArmArch has several research subjects, though its scope of interest is not limited to it: "Armenian Regional Modernist Architecture", "Tradition and Modernization", ‘Contemporary Sacred Architecture’ and "Coexistence of Architectural Layers in a City development".

This website presents ongoing findings of these researches (articles, interviews, documents, etc.), as well as the ‘ArmArch’ Encyclopedia of Armenian Modernist Architecture.

ArmArch Encyclopedia of Armenian Modernist Architecture is an online architectural resource providing factual data and analytical information about Armenian architecture during the period from the late 1950s to the mid-1990s. The Encyclopedia presents a detailed classification system of buildings, architectural and urban art which are categorized under the diverse and searchable data types of author, location, construction period, as well as under data types representing such architectural parameters as style, construction technique, current condition, materials, and featured architectural elements. In many cases, certain stylistic tendencies or architectural elements have been identified and catalogued for the first time. Each classification parameter itself is an accessible web-page, providing its definition and a gallery of structures featuring that parameter.

The website is an open and ongoing public project. We welcome public contribution with any form of information, textual and visual materials. Scholars and specialists are welcomed to publish their articles. To share your contribution or constructive suggestions with us please visit Contribution page.

This project has been realized thanks to American Research Institute of South Caucasus.

Special thanks to Christian Tutundjian de Vartavan (France) and Anna Tallois (France) for their support.

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Citation examples

Citation of images and data from ArmArch content should follow the standard academic convention on crediting the source, such as those listed on the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions site: http://www.ifla.org/I/training/citation/citing.htm) or ArtStor site: https://support.artstor.org/?article=citing-sources

An internet resource (World Wide Web Site)

Title of the Work

Artist/Architect’s Name (First and Last)

Date of the Work

Image Source

Date of Citation

World Wide Web Site

Example of how to cite ArmArch for this example image:

Title of the Work: Bus Station 

Artist/Architect: Henrich Arakelyan

Location: Hrazdan, Armenia

Date of the Work: 1971

Image Source: ArmArch Online, available at http://armarch.net/en/encyclopedia/hrazdan-bus-station

Date of Citation: Cited on February 17, 2018 [today’s date]

Further Instructions of Fair Use

While ArmArch is not able to give legal counsel regarding Fair Use, we are happy to point our users interested in this topic to the following resources:

 College Art Association’s Fair Use Guidelines, Practices and Policies

 Visual Resources Association’s Statement on the Fair Use of Images for Teaching, Research and Study