For financial contribution

ArmArch is an open research platform which functions thanks to public donations. Currently our main activities are concentrated around compilation and development of the ‘ArmArch’ Online Encyclopedia of Modernist Architecture, which is a unique online resource presenting Armenian modernist architecture. These activities include documenting important architectural structures of modernist period, compiling facts and various data about it, preparing analytical tests, archival works, etc.

Your financial contribution can serve realization of the following works;

AMD 30.000-Preparation of one analytical article 

AMD 50.000-Photographing 10-15 buildings

AMD 100.000-Preparation of full profile pages of 7-10 buildings

AMD 200.000-Preparation of one architect's full profile page

AMD 700.000-2-5 month thematic research

Our financial contributors will be mentioned in the website and will be entitled to claim full account of the works. Please contact us by armarchinfo[at] or info[at] if you want to make a financial contribution to ArmArch.

Contribution with materials

If you have any material regarding Armenian modernist architecture (articles. archival materials, photographs, drawings, etc.) we would be happy to consider its publication in the website. You can also contribute to the compilation of the Encyclopedia by sending us your photographs of modernist structures from around Armenia.

For enquiries please contact us at armarchinfo[at] or info[at]