'ArmArch' journal's first issue is available

The first issue of 'ArmArch: Language of Armenian Architecture' journal is available we have decided to dedicate this issue to the problems of regionalism in modernist architecture and present the vast layer of Armenian regional modernist architecture that we have researched.

Article about Armenian modernism published in C20 journal

An article about regional aspects in Armenian modernist architecture written by Yeva Ess-Sargsyan has been published in British C20 journal. The cover of the journal features the 'Cascade' complex designed by Jim Torosyan and Sargis Gourzadyan.

Russian Architectural Website Archi.ru Published a Review of ArmArch

Запущена посвящённая архитектуре Армении 1960–1990-х годов онлайн-энциклопедия ArmArch - на армянском и английском языках. В ней содержится аналитическая и документальная информация о созданных в этот период зданиях, монументальных скульптурах и т.д. Все объекты получили тэги, позволяющие сделать выборку по функциональному типу сооружения, автору, дате реализации, месту, уровню сохранности, материалу и пр

Documenting the Past: "Arm Arch" Team Creates Online Encyclopedia of Armenian Architecture of 1960s- 1990s.Interview with Yeva Ess

For me, every building is an architectural gem, even if it’s an example of a transitional, eclectic and weakly erected building that illustrates the search of the architect and the solution that the author had tried to find. Buildings with naive architecture evidently show the problems faced by the architect, his concerns and creative thinking.

Presentation of the ArmArch Online Encyclopedia of Armenian Architecture

Presentation of the ArmArch Online Encyclopedia of Armenian Architecture took place on 19th August in the Club. The presentation was followed by a conference entitled ‘Armenian Regional Modernism: Modernizing the Tradition’. Following presenters had talks during the conference: