Heritage and Culture

History or Imitation of History: the Reconstruction of the Bridge of Garni

Yeva Ess
In 2006 the Ministry of Culture undertook the reconstruction work of the bridge of Garni. The purpose was to reinforce the bridge and return its original feature by means of certain reconstruction. But defining what its original feature was and how the bridge should be reconstructed has turned into a matter of debate.
Regional Modernism

Armenian Regional Modernist architecture: Translation of Tradition in Modernist Language

Yeva Ess
Soviet modernism has attracted much interest in recent years, due to such books as Frederic Chaubin's 'CCCP' (Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed). The ‘cosmic’ scenes and structures in books like this perhaps present a rather stereotyped idea of Soviet modernist architecture: they certainly tend to overlook the rather different directions taken by the particular category of Armenian modernism.