Window between Walls

A unique invention, the window between two walls method consisted in leaving a gap between the joint of two surfaces, which was ordinarily fully or partially glazed. In most cases, the edges of those two surfaces are slightly rolled back creating an impression as if those surfaces are wrapping the space inside. Stepan Qyurqchyan, a prominent Armenian modernist architect who deployed this element in his Chamber Music Hall in Yerevan, noted: A window is a very non-tectonic element. Just imagine, you have a solid wall, and then you have to cut out a piece from that wall breaking its integrity in order to solve the problem of lighting. A window is a bad solution. You solve a problem by actually creating another problem. But when you leave the joint of two walls empty, then it becomes naturally a window. That is tectonic.” 1

1 YEVA SARGSYAN, ‘The Chamber Music Hall’, ShenInfo magazine, N11, 2004, Yerevan