Arrowslit-like Window

These are arch topped or rectangular narrow windows. They were often used in a row or in a group. The origin of this typically regional element is found in both medieval fortification architecture (i.e., arrowslits) and medieval church architecture. In the latter, pairs of arched windows were used ubiquitously and had certain religious symbolism. Small narrow windows were also used in the hot climate for Armenian pre-modern dwellings.


'Dilijan' Cinema, Dilijan

R. Avetyan, L. Injikyan

'Shirak' Airport, Gyumri

R. Hasratyan, L. Christoforyan, 1961

Single-unit 14 storey frame-panel system residential building

Martin Mikaelyan, engineers M.K.Mousoyan, A.G.Karapetyan, 1980-1986

Institute for Physical Research

Makabeh Manouelyan, 1965